We don’t make blanket “one-size fits all” offers like many note buyers do. We will tailor a fair offer on whatever fits your goals.

Need cash now but want to keep your note payments for the long-term? Great, we can buy a specific number of payments and then you take the income stream back thereafter. We can also split the payments if you would like to retain some portion of the payment.

See a couple examples below. Then let us make you a fair cash offer on all or part of your remaining note payments.

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    Here Are Some Examples of How Note Holders Can Get Creative In Turning Future Payments Into Cash Now.

    There are lots of different ways you can structure the sale of all or part of your note, here in Montana and the surrounding states, we can help you get the cash you need on your terms. As you know, there’s a tradeoff of time vs. money when selling your mortgage note. The known vs. the unknown. These 2 examples below will walk you through a couple scenarios to give you an idea of some of the options you have to sell part or all of your note.

    Example #1 – Sell Part of The Future Payments, and Keep the Rest

    Maybe you want all or most of your principal that is stuck in the note returned to you… but you still want to keep some of the future payments in the note for the added return over the term of the note.

    Let’s say you have a first position $100k private mortgage at 10% for 10 years with 9 years remaining and you’re receiving monthly payments of $1,321.50.

    You can sell 48 payments to WW Financial Services for $47,483 in cash today, then you’d receive the mortgage back after those 48 payments… and you can continue to collect the remaining $64,031 on the note.

    Your Benefit: You’ll have immediate use of $47,483 in cash now + you’re not losing any principal (in fact your still owed $64,031)
    Yes! I’d Like A Cash Offer On Part Of My Note

    Example #2 – Sell All of The Remaining Payments on Your Private Note

    Maybe you are just ready to move on and regain control over the cash locked inside your note… and selling the remaining payments and being fully released from the burden of the administration and the concerns of late payments of even default and the legal hassles and expense of foreclosing.

    Let’s say you have a second position $25k private mortgage note at 10% for 10 years with 5 years remaining and you’re receiving monthly payments of $330.38. But the borrower has been late on their payments… and even missed a few payments recently and you just don’t want to have to worry about chasing them for payments or foreclosing on the note.
    You’ve already received your principal back plus some, and you’re ready to move on.

    You can sell the remaining 60 payments to WW Financial Services for $13,793.82 in cash today and be completely rid of even having to think about that note or the payments being made ever again. We’ll take the note over, any collections headaches, and if the borrower stops paying… that’s our problem NOT yours.

    Your Benefit: You’ll have immediate use of $13,793 in cash rather than waiting another 5 years and dealing with the headaches of a delinquent borrower!
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